About us

Value can be found in the same amount of time we are each given on a daily basis: 24 hours. Once we discover what we find value in, we discover how valuable time is. We stop wasting time doing otherwise so we can spend more time doing what makes us happy. We then find ourselves arranging our schedule so that we are sure to make time for what is of value to us. It finally comes to a point where the exceeding value for this thing is SO much, whatever or whoever it may be, that we start investing more and more time into it because we know that with time, that same investment will reap grand benefits. Only when compared to money do we understand significant correlation between the two, hence the phrase "time is money."
We are all Thomas Muney. We created this brand to ensure that one understands the true value of time. We believe the brand is beyond a brand; instead, a lifestyle. Time truly is a valuable and intangible item that deserves not to be wasted. You can waste money and get it back, but if you waste time, that's a moment of your life never to be seen again. Muney is spelled with a "U" because its about YOU and what ever YOU find valuable. Whether its actually money, a relationship, a dream; anything of great value to you should be worth your time.
Thomas Muney is a unique clothing design company located out of Virginia. It is a brand with a look that is catchy, a message you can believe in, and a meaning you can apply to your life. We launched the brand Fall of 2016 after much back and forth about when to launch, what to launch, and how, as well. Nevertheless, we saw the value in the brand here spending as much time on it as we did to ensure you all would enjoy. Why not wear what you believe in? That way whoever sees you wearing it, they already know what time it is.
About the Creators
Ron - C.E.O.
Don - C.E.O.
Thomas Muney