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At some point, you either already have or, you will have to “face time” in reference to how valuable it’s been, how much of it you’ve wasted, and what you could be doing with it. This dial was our first original design. IYKYK. Look close, the different symbols come together to make a face in the middle of the dial (ie: Thomas Muney). Four years ago, these pieces were seized by customs upon delivery, and after many attempts of retrieving, we had chalked it up to a loss. With patience and dedication to the overall goal, we continued on only to arrive home to a random package at our doorstep. It’s true when they say once time is gone, you can’t get it back. With that being said, in the off chance that you do, you’ll know exactly what to do with it.

This beautifully designed timepiece is the newest addition to the Thomas Muney family, with its simple, yet stylistically clean look. The Facetime comes with a pristine gold trim, encompassing our unique dial. The straps are made from a leatherette material creating a light, but durable, appeal. This piece comes with a tan strap with black symbols, one of four options available.  Whether you’re looking to impress or chilling no stress, this piece can be dressed up or down. The perfect and most necessary accessory, truly a great addition to any collection of time.

The buckle comes engraved custom with the word ‘MUNEY’ 

The rear of the dial is engraved with ‘Thomas Muney’ in the center, and the motto “Respect yourself, Value your time, it’s greater than money” around its edge. 

Water resistant • Seiko movement • 42 mm • leatherette strap