Blaxcellent DELUXE Package

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Black excellence in its finest form. This exclusive and limited edition timepiece represents the term we coined, “Blaxcellent,” which can be described as a compliment given when something is done so well, that it’s as if it was done by the hands of a black person.

This beauty comes strapped with a genuine leather, crocodile band design, made to fit comfortably around ones wrist, as it is held together by a gold butterfly clasp unique to Thomas Muney. The face of this piece is amplified by the gold raised lettering, which creates a genuine shine against the black background. The black 40 mm head is made to last with class and durability. It comes equipped with a long lasting battery, and accompanied by Sieko watch movement. Water resistant and time tested, this watch belongs in your collection.

The deluxe package is complete with all that is pictured. As always, our timepieces come inside of a money bag. The Blaxcellent DELUXE, however, comes inside of an exquisite black velvet sack displaying a bold gold dollar sign, as well as the Thomas Muney logo on either side. Once purchased, this bag can hold your timepiece, or anything else you’d like to store inside as it is made to be durable and long lasting. You also have an exclusive black mini moneybag keychain to add to your keys, bag, or belt loop as an added accessory. In addition, you will also receive the favored cotton TM zipper mask, which makes navigating thru this pandemic easier than ever. All pieces, including the unique casing your timepiece sits comfortably inside of, have been hand crafted.

No better time to release this beauty than that of Black History Month. With only 25 of these limited edition pieces made,  owning one would certainly be a historic purchase.