Muney mask

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Don’t you hate having to take your mask on and off, just to enjoy a sip of your beverage, eat a snack, or even take a smoke break? Say hello to the Muney Mask! This silk, lace, and polyester blended mask comes with a nice stretch that fits effortlessly around your ears without strain, and so comfortably around your mouth and nose you’ll forget you’re wearing it. It has a built in zipper that makes wearing a mask both fun and easy, all while staying safe! No more muffled conversations either, simply unzip just a bit to be heard more clearly, then zip it back up to stay protected. Make the Muney Mask the last mask you’ll ever want or need. Its reusable and can be washed multiple times without damage! Maneuver thru this pandemic in comfort, style, and ease… all while saving yourself time! 

The Muney Mask can be customized as well with our logo, your name, or anything else you want on it. Simply inquire within. *What is pictured are examples of custom styles*