Mini Muney Bag

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Just when you thought the “Muney Bag” couldn’t get any bigger, now it’s small enough to take it with you! Our signature ‘Muney Bag’ now comes in a pocket sized version with a keychain clip attached to it so you can take the “Muney Bag” with you where ever you go! This convenient little essential is just as much a fashion accessory as it is a pocket change pouch, or decoration to compliment your Car Key. The Mini Muney Bag can hold many various small items that one might normally take with them on the go, so no need for bulky pockets. Simply stuff your Mini Muney Bag, pull the strings to close it and clip it to your belt loops, book bag, or  tie it to your rear view mirror for a personalized car interior look that will let everyone in or outside your car know that you got that bag!

The Mini Muney Bag comes as pictured, displaying a US Dollar symbol in green on the front side, and ‘T I M E’ in red on the opposite side. This dual display signifies the term ‘Time is Money’ effortlessly. There is no limit to what small items the Mini Muney Bag can hold. The bag can also be washed in cold water and air dried or machine dried on very low heat for best longevity results (DO NOT WASH KEY CHAIN ATTACHMENT!