B Re-D Deluxe

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Pronounced “Be Ready”

This deluxe edition of our initial red faced timepiece is an eye catching gem that is certain to be a standout to any watch collection, including our own. The piece itself is as flattering as it’s custom made packaging it arrives in; from the satin laced money bag, to the corresponding colors of the box and cushioned tin can casing. A genuine leather money green gator band is one of the many mentionable highlights to this beauty. Enclosed with an exclusive butterfly clasp, the richness it provides is a one-of-one. With its black bezel, blood red face, and gold crusted symbols elevated upon the color, confirming the value of your time is task you will soon learn to enjoy as it will allow you another chance to admire the level of class and detail this piece presents.

This watch is also know as the “Breezy” as the infamous Chris Brown is the owner of one of them already. Only 25 pieces were produced for this collection, adding to its exclusivity. 

Become an owner today and watch the value of your time rise to the occasion. As always, we truly appreciate you, your time, and your support. 

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