Time, like life, is what you make it...

Posted by Aaron & Brandon Hare on

Time, like life, is what you make it

They say to find you passion, craft it

Get after it

Chase your dreams, by any means make it happen

but at the same time..be patient

like, how does that even make sense, let alone dollars?

I know if I'm tryna make it and become the greatest 

I ain't waiting for Nathan regardless, I don't even know who that be

See, my time is money you should wanna match me

Cuz actually

the rate at which its valued it much more than what it reads on anybody time sheet, please

You don't gotta remind me what time means

Im just tryna make sure your mind is on the same time as mine like siemese, na meen?

Every second on my timepiece is a diamond

I don't spend time unless its timeless

and wasting time is really what a crime is

If i ever tried to define it? Untouchable how it continues to move 

No matter what you or I do its inevitable

You can watch it fly by or fly with you

You can be a wealth individual, or just another fly nigga

My nigga

Take time to make time a priority

Keep it in order, b.

You know, G.O.E. , M.O.B. right

You're cordially invited to see time thru my eye, and see why

Thomas Muney is one hell of a guy.