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When you slice it up, BREAD actually stands for Being Really Excited About Doing. Doing what? ANYTHING! Whatever you’re doing, even if you aren’t getting ‘bread’ for it, be happy and excited. You shouldn’t do something only to expect something in return.

With that being said, in addition to the song BREAD by Thomas Muney, we’ve started a movement call BREAD for OTHERS. Being Really Excited About Doing for OTHERS!

On Nationals Sandwich Day, Saturday, November 3rd, we have a mission of feeding atleast 100 homeless people in the DMV area a free sandwich! If we can exceed 100 people that would be awesome! You can also help!

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follow @breadbythomasmuney and @thomasmuney to watch all of our moves as we look to reach our goal! 

Thank you so much and we appreciate your support!